Stone Sofa Kolsch
Stone Sofa Kolsch
Stone Sofa Kolsch

Stone Sofa Kolsch

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Crisp, Clean, Fresh
Stone Sofa Kolsch is light in colour and malt character, with a slightly dry, crisp finish. Ale yeast is used for fermentation and is highlighted in the flavour.

This award-winning ale-lager hybrid is light and refreshing. It's the perfect complement to any outdoor activity and has quickly become a cult favourite. 

Originating from Cologne Germany, Kolsch has found its way onto the Canadian Craft Beer scene along with so many German-style beers. 
With its thirst-quenching ability, we recommend pairing this Kolsch with:
• Bratwurst
• Nutty Cheese
• Peach or Apple Crisp

ABV: .45%    IBU: 15.0    Calories (473 ml): 40    Carbohydrates: 6.8g

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